Applenux Guru


First time to see this website was so technically, i guest this is nerd website. I feel like stupid person to read article on this site. But should not give up to finger it. I try step by step to learn it. Thanks to wiki which already help me for so many times. My Applenux Machine has been experience for using FOSS Application such as Ubuntu Edgy and event OpenSuSE. Of course not always have great successful to do that. I almost frustrating when i want to install Yaboot as manual, thanks to Ubuntu make it simple. Actually on PenguinPPC website there is manual to doing this. But i think that not humanistic because its more technical. Maybe some people who has skill who work with command line is easy to understand.

When you using PowerPC Machine such as my iBook G4 you will come to other world that could be open your mind and you have lot of new challenge for learn or creating some think that could be use. Some FOSS Software was available for you on OpenSource Mac. Otherwise you can find via Google and you will find lot of FOSS application that could be help for you. Mean while i using Ubuntu i just put the PPC Repository on my source.list and get to update then installing the software that i need.

Some ubuntu repositories can be find on ubuntu website. If you are in Indonesia i suggestion to using my repositories with provide by ICTCentre Server and Indika Network. Some how its make you feel like installing application more much easy and friendly. I will try to paste the source list in here when it really stable.

Btw the big problem for me is i didnt have any enough Harddisk on my iBook G4. I just have 40Gb and RAM 512. I need more because i run lot of kind application. I planning to buy it when i have money of course :).


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