Help Localization

Me The Applenux

Perhaps i can speak English even that not so good. I can wrote a little stories for my blog with English language. But the truth is English is not our mother tongue lang. Some how local people like me has little confused to understand it. Ubuntu give me the some interesting toys that i should pay it back. So i joint with localized team for Indonesia Language for pay back hehehehe…

Unfortunately there is some procedure to do that all think. But its so difficult comparing when i was on other Distro Translation ;). If you see this Applenux Website you will see the applenux has take a part to payback. Last night while i upgrade my Applenux machine i do some “karma” for them. I know its very little comparing some people but at least i have tried.
Other part is i trying installing KDE last night but too bad i failed cause some connection at 4. am. But i will tried again this night. Hopefully the FOSS will be with me.


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