Make All in One With Applenux

For a newbie or someone has been migration on first time in his life perhaps there is some difficulties for using mac. But dont worried i just finger out how to step by step moving to *nix system with and became FOSS with Apple machine. Using windows XP style with ubuntu on apple machine that the key to first time migration. There is a way when you want to do it. I believe on that philosophic. Imagen that you using windows xp on your apple machine with FOSS base. Wow..let’s rock in roll
First time to do that is installing Ubuntu on your apple. That’s could easy cause i already explain to you before. Ok now how to creating the blue (windows) environment style. Easy.. Just do this step.

1. Update your ubuntu with your fav repositories, mean while i like to make my own repo with this

deb edgy main restricted multiverse universe
deb edgy-security main restricted multiverse universe
deb edgy-updates main restricted multiverse universe

update using #apt-get update and #apt-get upgrade

2. Installing KDE with simple command : #apt-get install kde
3. Restart your session with KDE (logout then choose KDE on session menu)
4. Open your terminal and installing KBFX tools. (eq. #apt-get install kbfx)
5. Open Control Centre — Kbfx Applet
6. Open your browser and go to
7. Find XP Style there and download it.
8. Do configuration with Kbfx Applet Menu and pointing to file that you already download
9. Reload from that applet
10. Bumm your windows has been run 😉

Ok thats was so simple isnt ?. I already try and has good desktop there. Unfortunately i didnt try with Gnome. Perhaps uncle Google can help you for this point. Ok lets do it then put your suggestion to me or event ask.. GBU


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