Gige Upload [dot] Com

As well as we know that our country still have problem with Internet Connection especially for international bandwidth. The problem is not about infrastructure but more than that its about price. When i was in Germany i have 2 Mbps International Bandwidth and only pay about 25 Euro that mean about Rp 250.000,- . But in our lovely country we must pay about at least 2000 Dollar for getting that much bandwidth. Wanna pity isn’t ?. We must pay expensive to learn and to got information. Any solution for that ??.. Yes LOCAL BANDWIDTH is the answer.

Internet Exchange in this country has been setup since 10 years ago. Its setup in Jakarta already and now has been separated with other town. Ya we got cheapest bandwidth for this such think. Actually its free but is not like a free beer ;). Now we have problem, what should i got from local bandwidth ??. Hmm looks like we have problem with local content here. Here i put some think that could be use full for us. As you know Rapidshare perhaps become one of popular sharing and temporarty host file in the world. But as AFAIK so many procedure must be done before got it.

Gigeupload.Com was change it, no matter how big your file and how big your international bandwidth Gigeupload will give you good service. This is not the advertise cause i didnt get pay for it ;). But i using this site to help me to exchange the file with my friend in Indonesia. This server made by FOSS, using debian and perl programming with touching by design people make this site more faster and reliable. Wanna try it .. ??


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