Mac, Bluetooth and V3 Razor + IM3

I was so busy about this week, running meeting, meet a friend’s and even clean my new house. The big problem is i must standby for some other people to run my business. I using Yahoo Messenger for communication with them. I usually using my MDA Pro (Dopod 900) to browse or got connected to internet. But the problem i was very slow to using it specially typing etc. So at least i must have some other solution. Thats way i just browsing some tools to conneting my ibook g4 with my GPRS connection.

I have other mobile phone that such as easy to use. I usually use for calling and SMS only, its using IM3 -Indosat provider. So i tried to creating some other way to use all that think. And this could be solution for you too. Unfortunattly i didnt yet on my lovely ubuntu distro. But dont worried i will try it later. Now i will guide you how to use it with real mac. Ok lets do preparation first :

1. Make sure you turn on Bluetooth on your Apple Machine.
2. Discover and get associated with V3 Razor via bluetooth.
3. Download the driver and do this step :

  • unpack with stuff it
  • copy file Motorolla with ext not txt to /User/Library/Modem/
  • 4. Do some configuration through Bluetooth Menu on you iBook
    5. Create connection with setting :

  • username : gprs
  • password : im3
  • telp number :
  • After that just click on your bluetooth and do connet. Now you can see how its work !!. Have enjoy to tried.


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