Think About Digital Document

I was working for digital document campaign, this was project to offering solution for organization such as corporate, small medium and event for non profit organization. Starting with paperless campaign we working now to delivered how to create an effective and efficient using digital document. With this solution you will save million and event billion rupiah of operation cost of your organization and directly supporting for green campaign for earth. The main idea this project was come from my internal office that has wasting more than 60 million rupiah per years using paper that not critical use for beeing “junk paper” including some newspaper & other printing paper. From that case i was learn and analyze and creating some solution that has proven save more thant 60 million rupiah per years. How i do that ? i will tell you the details. If you have any question and perhaps need help just mail to:

Ok, first your need to answer this question :

  • When will your organization begin the project?
  • Has a Business Case been conducted for this project?
  • Has a Document Strategy been defined for the organization?
  • Has a Project Sponsor, Change Agent and Project Team been identified?
  • What document intensive process will be the focus of the project? (Brokerage Transactions, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Loan Applications, Title Insurance Records, HR Files Medical Records, Client Files, Patient Charts, Project Deliverables, etc.)
  • What is the volume of pages to convert digitally? (We will estimate this based on the number of file cabinet drawers and the number of boxes to be digitally converted, and by sampling the contents of the files.)
  • After you can answer that, then i will step to next step. That create some methodology for your organization with 4 basic concept correct sample :

  • Preparation & Input
  • Document Conversion Process
  • Output & Indexing Report
  • Quality Control
  • With all that concept i will work to find some tools that i need for doing that project. Other implementation is to crawl document i can integrated all digital document into Google Search Appliance Machine that my company has been chosen to be google GSA representative in Indonesia. So it’s very nice to sync all this project and saving operation cost for our organization. If you need my advise or need some consultant i will glad to help you.


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